For the folk at Westbridge Academy, Battersea


Hi! My name is Aiman.

I am proud to be the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) leader of Westbridge Academy in Battersea, London. Westbridge is a small and thriving school where the children (our little Westbridgers) are happy, bright and just radiate love.

I made this blog to help all of us stay connected. We can share ideas and learn new things about not only the school but also our local vibrant community.

We are living through unprecedented times right now with Covid-19 having taken over everything that we know as normal. Now more than ever, it’s important that we stay connected and supported and this blog serves as a tool for us to do that. So please don’t forget to keep checking back regularly!

Do you want to get involved?

I would love for you to be! If you want to get in touch with any ideas, or if you want to share something that your kids have done (or anything else at all!) please just send me an email.

Very important information!

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