For the folk at Westbridge Academy, Battersea

Checking in!


Just thought I would check-in with you! How’s everyone doing? I really hope that you and all your loved ones are in the best of health and doing well in these stranger than strange times.

7 weeks!

Can you believe that we’ve been in lockdown for over 7 weeks now? During the first phase there was a lot of energy and even excitement but also anxiety and fear about what was to come; staying indoors, being distant from our family and friends, juggling working from home and teaching our children seemed impossible, and let’s not forget the mad quest to find toilet roll and eggs! BUT, we adapted and found our own rhythms and routines and I think we all thrived (especially the little ones!)

Sure, it’s been tough and there have been frustrations and tantrums, boredom and more screen-time then we’d like to admit but there have also been so many special memorable moments inbetween. I can’t help but feel that this time has forced us to slow down and reflect on how we were living and how blessed we are.

Back to normality?

We’re now moving on to the next phase, and perhaps like me you were left a little confused and troubled by the Government’s roadmap for recovery. ‘Back to normal’ still seems a long way away but all we can really do is remain positive and persevere.

Westbridge Primary School is now Westbridge Academy!

In other news, this is a very exciting time for our school as we have joined the STEP Academy Trust and are now officially called Westbridge Academy! I am really looking forward to all the positive outcomes and opportunities this brings for our Westbridgers and our school community. If you haven’t already, please do check out the school’s new Twitter account.

So 7 weeks on - how are all your homeschools going? Have your Westbridgers been enjoying the Oak National Academy Lessons? We really loved receiving a phonecall from Amber’s school teacher last week and look forward to the next one!

I really hope you have been finding this blog useful and please do drop me an email about anything you would like to share or how you have been spending your days!

Sending you all lots of love, strength and sunshine!