For the folk at Westbridge Academy, Battersea

It's half term!

Hi all!

Did anyone else forget that it was half term this week? With the weekdays rolling into the weekends, it can be hard to find much seperation between the days but it’s still important to take a little break from the norm. So go a little easy on yourself this week from the routine and the home schooling. Maybe switch off the alarms, have an extra-long shower or bath and eat as many meals as you can outside! Here are a few ideas to keep the kids engaged and help make it still feel like half term from home:

  • Tie-dye tshirts: Tie-dye seems to be having a moment (again!). The kids will love doing this activity and wearing their creations too! There are many way to tie-dye, like making your own natural dyes using fruit and vegetables, ordering a full kit from Amazon or even using coloured markers and rubbing alcohol like in this easy tutorial.

  • Learn a magic trick: “Abracadabra, keep the kids quiet while I read my book!” If only… Nonetheless, maybe your little ones will enjoy learning a magic trick to wow their friends and family. Check out YouTube for lots of tutorials like this.

  • Host an afternoon tea: Kids love a tea party, and regardless of age who doesn’t love some scones and cakes? So why not take some time to plan your menu (maybe even selecting a theme based on your kids’ favourite book or movie). You can go to town with delicious treats, home-made lemonade and perfectly cut sandwiches! The kids will love making the treats (and no doubt eating them too).

  • Let the kids redecorate their rooms: Sometimes a small change can feel as good as a holiday. Try moving the furniture around, re-arranging the artwork (or creating something new), painting a wall, creating a mural or adding new lighting or accessories! The kids will take so much pride in their lockdown makeovers and will adore their new spaces.

  • Make a family tree: This is a lovely activity to do with your children. It’s a way for your children to connect with different members of their family and explore stories about their ancestors and history (as well as starting to understand geneology). Make this a whole family activity by involving grandparents, aunts and uncles to help build the family tree. Who knows, perhaps you’ll uncover some fascinating facts about your history too!

  • Go camping at home: You might not be able to pack the car and go camp in the wild but there’s nothing stopping you from camping in your garden, balcony or living room. Grab your tents, boardgames, books and food and set up your campsite in your garden or balcony. Even if you do not have a tent or outdoor space you can use blankets and pillows to create a little campsite or den under your dining table. It might not be a real break but it will still create some amazing memories!

I hope this gives you some ideas for some out of the ordinary activities. Let me know what else you come up with! Have a brilliant half term!