For the folk at Westbridge Academy, Battersea

Keeping active while staying at home

Covid-19 has really put the brakes on a lot of our daily physical activity. The school runs, P.E classes, shopping trips and daily outings have all been paused for the time being. Although we’ve been asked to stay at home as much as possible, we should not stop being active. This is especially important for our kids who really need to do some sort of exercise frequently, not only to keep their bodies and minds healthy but to tire them out for our own sakes too!

Here are some ideas to get you and your children moving without leaving your home:

  1. P.E with Joe

    Joe Wicks a.k.a “The Body Coach” has been creating great free home workouts for a long time, and following closure of schools he introduced a live 30 minute virtual P.E. class which takes place at 9.00 am every weekday. The videos are aimed for children but that does not mean they are easy by any measure - parents should definitely join in (but be ready to be in pain for days later!).

  2. Go Noodle

    Go Noodle is full of short free videos and games to get kids moving and stay mindful. Make sure to select the option for family and you will see a big list of channels to explore, with content ranging from Zumba for kids to house party playlists for children.

  3. Change 4 Life Shake Up Games

    Here you’ll find lots of ideas for easy-to-follow games that can be played with some songs and a few easy props while being stuck at home. The games are inspired by characters from popular Disney movies like Toy Story, Moana and Frozen.

  4. Andy’s Wild Workouts

    Andy takes kids on adventures across the world to amazing places where they can learn to move like the animals that he meets. With adventures under the sea, in the rainforests and up in the air this may just captivate our little movers! This is available through BBC iPlayer too.

  5. Cosmic Kids Yoga

    This YouTube yoga channel is made for children, using stories and characters to connect kids’ minds with colourful worlds in order to help them feel stronger and calmer. It’s probably one for the kids only, but there are plenty of yoga videos for grown ups available on YouTube too.

  6. Create an Obstacle Course

    Put together a simple obstacle course in your home by using your furniture and any props that you can find. The options for different stations are endless: the first could be 10 jumping jacks, followed by throwing a bean bag (or a bag of crisps) through a hula hoop, then headstands, followed by 10 burpees and then running on the spot for 10 seconds before finishing off with 15 sit-ups! Endless possibilities! If you run out of ideas just ask the kids - I’m sure they will come up with some fun stuff! Just make sure to put safety first at all times.

  7. Dance Party

    Turn on the music and shake your thang! Alternatively search YouTube for fun dance and movement videos to get your kids on their feet and having fun! You can also find a few playlists in the GoNoodle app mentioned above.

  8. Clean-up Race

    OK, so this is probably very wishful-thinking on my part but how about setting a timer or putting on a song and seeing who can tidy the room the fastest?

So how are you keeping your kids active and entertained? I’d love to know!