For the folk at Westbridge Academy, Battersea

Ideas for scavenger hunts

A little while back Amber and I went on a scavenger hunt and it was so fun and so easy that I had to share it with you! All you need to do is make a list of things that you want to look for and then go out and about and find them!

Here’s how we did it

We started by making a list of things that Amber wanted to look for. She chose everything herself and picked things like a tree, a duck, a boat and a baby! She drew pictures of each item and tried to write its name, as well as adding a checkbox for each too. This was great writing and drawing practice for her and adding the checkboxes seemed to give her lots of joy!

With the list ready we grabbed my bag, a pencil and her favourite Pikachu and off we went to hunt for all those things! She quickly started to spot some of the things on her list and would excitedly tick off each item that she found. She was constantly looking up, down and around trying to catch her next target. After finding the majority of her things we took a little water and snack stop and strategised how to find the last few items: the baby and the butterfly. They were proving a little more tricky.

We took a detour and went on some side roads in the hope of finding the remaining items, but still no luck. As it was getting quite hot and it was now close to lunchtime, we decided to head back home and continue the scavenger hunt another time. We were nearly home when I noticed that her most beloved Pikachu had fallen out from her backpack without us noticing! I looked back and could not see him anywhere! I was panicked - if we couldn’t find him then this would surely lead to a larger than life meltdown! I had no time to waste and blurted out that Pikachu was lost and that we had to find him. She was ready to explode. I grabbed her hand and we ran so fast retracing our path with her crying and screaming ‘Pikachuuuuu, where are you?!’ the whole time! Luckily and not before too long, I spotted something bright yellow on the floor in the distance - it was him!

Amber raced towards her Pikachu, picked it up and squeezed it tighter than anyone else (while I sighed the biggest breath of relief)! With Pikachu safely found, we started to make our way back home; but just then, Amber spotted her final two things on her list - a baby in a pram and a beautiful blue butterfly!

This simple activity was honestly so much fun! Amber loved every minute of it. Although we’ve walked around all these areas a thousand times before, it seemed completely new and like a little adventure!

Other ideas for a scavenger hunt

We kept our scavenger hunt really easy, but there are plenty of other ways to do it too. Maybe you would like to try:

  • Using phonics. You could just search for things beginning with each sound. I bet some sounds will be harder to find than others.

  • Using numeracy. You can specify different numbers of items like ‘8 red cars’ or ‘3 ducks’ - this might be great number practice for the younger ones.

  • Using clues. To make it harder (and perhaps more fun) you could provide a list of clues instead of a list of things. Just think of a few puzzles or clues that your children have to solve in order to find the item quicker.

  • Practice a different language. Some of our Westbridgers have been learning Spanish so why not practice their new language vocabulary by writing a list in Spanish, or any other language that you speak at home?

  • Shapes or colours. Instead of specific things to find, you could look for different colours or different shapes.

  • It doesn’t have to be outdoors. If it’s raining, or perhaps you don’t feel like going out, you can do an indoor scavenger hunt or out in your garden.

There are so many variations of this scavanger hunt that you could do and even if you don’t want to make the list yourself you can find countless lists that you could print from the internet!

I hope you try this one and have as much fun as we did!

Happy hunting!