For the folk at Westbridge Academy, Battersea

A big thank you for our teachers!

If there’s one thing that we have all learnt during our homeschooling experience, it is that teachers are nothing less than superheroes. We might all be the best parents for our little ones, but we certainly can’t all be the best teachers - for being a teacher requires an extra special kind of magic!

There have been so many times where I have felt frustrated while trying to keep Amber’s focus or when I have struggled to explain even the simplest concepts to her in way that she will understand and appreciate. It’s at those times that I think to myelf, “how do teachers do this?”!

So if you are a teacher, I just wanted to say to you that the commitment, grit and spirit that you bring to the classroom every single day is amazing. The love and belief that you show for our children will undoubtedly shape and influence them for the rest of their lives. And now, even in the midst of a pandemic that has changed the shape of everything we knew, you continue to go above and beyond. You’ve adapted your teaching, created distance learning plans and materials in a blink and I know you are continuously thinking and caring about our children as if they were still in your classrooms!

And just for our wonderful school, I’d like to personally thank Ms Thompson, each one of our special teachers and each very special member of staff at Westbridge Academy for your incredible contribution in our lives. We appreciate and miss you!

Ideas for showing your teachers some love

I’m sure you and your Westbridgers would like to show your own personal appreciation for your special teachers. Here are a few ideas for you:

  • Cards and letters! Nothing beats a hand-made card or letter. Your children could tell their teachers the favourite things that they have learnt in their class, draw a picture or make a painting. You could even download some pre-made resources from Twinkl, here.

  • Take a photograph or even a selfie of your child holding up signs or a message to their teachers.

  • Make a video about what your children have been learning at home and how you appreciate everything they do. They could sing a song or perform a poem. They can be as dramatic and as creative as they like. Classes could even work together to make a group video!

  • Use social media to express your gratitude. You can tweet any special messages or videos to the Westbridge Academy twitter account.

I’m sure you and your little ones will come up with lots more creative ways to show your teachers love and gratitude, and I can’t wait to hear about them!